Being used by the proglodytes to mouth mindless statements is beneath a real man, Jjizz. Becoming a Mulatto Nation Not QUITE 100% accurate. jason A QUESTION: SJMWilco how many lefties will blow their tiny brains out when hillary is convicted of sedition and bill for obstruction. org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird ThunderTrumped doc em all online face to face sex camera. They can do this as Twitter is a private company, so they can. The sad part is that stupid people would never drop Twitter or Fakebook after all those revelations. Johnat8500 My three kids are on facebook and addicted to it and cell phones but they know ZIP about what goes on in the world except what they see others share. LiberalsSuckDogshit Mass euthanasia of liberals would go a long way in preserving the strength, dignity, and sanity of the United States of America. People making money attempting to shock data that we should already know exists. Falcon195 FREE SPEECH combined with the Internet empowers all to create content for all to see. Anwedie Now we know where all the kiddie porn is coming from. ponchoholic mackadoo Sierra Foxtrot ypupule Would’ve rather seen them do something like this with Google — they’re more like the true all-powerful Internet God, not Twitter.

Everyone should avoid “social media” like the plague. SUPPORTED ONLY BY FLYOVER STATE WHITE TRASH. I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine the fantasies you must have about him dominating you. This, more than anything, is a reaction to Trump and the #MeToo movement. I’ve known that from day one, and I’m a tech-idiot. nullifyNWO This is definitely a big reason why no women want to work in IT: There are these pervs, no real man in sight. It is a fundamental principle of Western Democracy. They collect info and then blackmail judges, politicians, generals, whomever. Becoming a Mulatto Nation James O’Keefe has done an admirable job in exposing and proving what we’ve suspected that the Left has been doing for decades online face to face sex camera. Russians are more Christian and more white than the USA. Go read what Justice Potter Stewart had to say about the subject. Backwards x 100 tyrannystopper Which agency you work for.

in your own backyard that your government actively recruits and helps come here to spy on you. Wes Everything they said is laid out in the terms of service and privacy policy that is freely available on their site. The agenda is just there to get you to buy into the lies..
. Information is power so that makes electronic data storage the most powerful thing on earth Steve Taylor What bothers me is that smugness , we know , we are smarter ,we are better. Go ahead and try, if you figure it out let the world know please. A price for post at one cent per letter would count down on tweets. I bet there is someone in the advertising or accounting departments at BassProShops/Cabelas who would be interested in hearing that employees admit (BRAG) that Twitter is defrauding them. Would that qualify you to be meat inspector. Becoming a Mulatto Nation IT’S “Reverend_Wright”, THE S*MENSUCKING out of work Hillary BLOG TROLL. ...

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